Max Trap


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Product Code: RMS003-MV-ASM

The No Shoot is pulled down by the weight exposing the Shoot target. The weight then drops off allowing the No Shoot to return to the original position. The activation key can be pulled from any direction which allows for easy cabling.  Please see the video below.

Material: Steel angle iron, steel plates, steel tubing and steel bars.

Size: 22.6” wide x 12.0” deep x 21.2” high

Weight: 44 lbs

Customer Reviews

Very nice, hard to find target

I had been searching for this style of target for quite a while and was really glad when Range Master started producing them. Our club bought two of them and we use them almost every month in our USPSA matches. Reset is pretty straight forward once the shooters are shown how it works. Easy to activate with a popper or a stomp box. We have used them for the past two years with no issues so they are built to last.

David :: j M Y, H:i

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