About “Range Master Steel”

Range Master Steel was formed out of a simple question posed to me.  What company would you like to buy new steel poppers from?  My answer was, “None of them”.   I searched the market place but didn’t see any pepper poppers that did everything I thought they should do.  Some poppers are forward-falling, but won’t rear fall.  Other poppers are rear-falling, but won’t forward fall, or they take an expensive, complicated conversion to forward fall.  All the poppers I have worked with are a big problem when it comes to storage.   They all just get piled, not stacked.

I wanted a popper design that could be turned into a hard cover target or a stationary practice target without having to be reset.  So…having 40 years of engineering experience and 30 years of experience working USPSA matches, I decided to fix what I saw as a problem.  

Range Master Steel poppers easily convert from rear-falling to forward-fallling by turning the base around, enabling the included catch and adjusting the popper stop bolt.  The popper can also be used as a stationary steel practice target or a stand-alone steel hardcover by attaching the popper plate to the base front plate with the provided bolt.  For more challenging shots, hard cover steel can be bolted to the base.

Storing the poppers could not be easier or more convenient.  The 5 different styles of 3/8” AR500 popper plates can be removed from the base by pulling two hitch pins and then sliding them into the storage rack.  The bases are designed for stacking by inverting every other popper base and stacking one base atop another.  You no longer have to retrieve your poppers from a tangled mess of steel!

Check out the instructional videos and see the documents section on this website for further information.  If you have any question please contact me at Ray.Hirst56@Gmail.com or cell 217-779-2013.